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Valerie MatesMy name is Valerie Mates. I live in Ann Arbor, Michigan, with my three kids. You can read more about our food habits on the page My Food Philosophy.

For my day job, I am a free-lance computer programmer. I specialize in making websites that are easy for organizations to update without having to know much about computers. You can read more about my work on my unixmama.com website.

My other hobbies are:
* raising my three kids
* organic vegetable gardening
* reading science fiction, young adult novels, and parenting books
* collecting cookbooks, and
* organizing online groups of people who enjoy connecting with each other.

I’ve started and am a moderator for 20 or 30 online groups, including the Ann Arbor celiac support group Gluten-Free Ann Arbor, which has 800 members, and the Ann Arbor parenting e-mail list, Arborparents, with 2,600 members.

I get way too much e-mail. I do read it all, though I’m not always good at answering it. You can reach me at valeriesblog [at] unixmama.com


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